"This pallid, wan variety never ceases to surprise with its capacity to swell and persist on the palate. From an exceptional vintage in Arbois, this is a classic vibrant, spicy, faintly earthy and without any rough edges. The Jura's catapult to fashionability has made the discovery of worthy new producers quite a challenge, especially when, in Stephane Tissot, we already have arguably the region's best and most dynamic exponent. How happy we were, therefore, to be presented with the opportunity to add to our portfolio this century-old estate that faithfully continues the traditional ways of Jura wines. Run by Michel Faudot and Jean-Pierre Martin, it covers 12 hectares that are cultivated by essentially organic means, though they are not certified. We were especially impressed by the reds." - Winewise, Importer

2015 Martin Faudot, Trousseau, Jura