60% Mourvèdre, 40% Grenache


"After studies in viticulture and enology, Ludovic interned in cellars across southern France, Spain, and the Loire Valley, including a formative stint with the late Didier Dagueneau. Next, he took a sommelier position at a reputable establishment in Provence, where he honed his tasting skills and earned numerous awards, before leaving the restaurant world to open his own wine shop outside of Nîmes. Keen on making his own wine, he rented some vines, then sold the shop two years later to become a full-time vigneron. The 2013 vintage, vinified in his tiny cellar in the sleepy village of Vic-le-Fesq, marked his first commercial releases.


Ludovic’s wines, however, are anything but commercial. Inspired by his experiences in fine dining, during which he had the chance to taste top bottles from legendary domaines, he quickly learned that a conventional approach to viticulture and winemaking would never produce wines of distinctive character. The mentorship of Dagueneau and later Didier Barral, whom he befriended during his sommelier days and remains close to, cemented his belief in low-impact farming and natural winemaking. Essential oils and herbal tisanes replace synthetic treatments, and Ludovic opts not to till his parcels, instead allowing spontaneous vegetation to naturally aerate the soils while his small flock of sheep contributes fertilizer during the winter. In the cellar, he favors infusion rather than extraction, seeking delicacy over power and forgoing additives save for minute doses of sulfur." - Kermit Lynch, Importer

2016 Engelvin, Clos Serre-Cabanis, Languedoc