The grapes come from a small subzone of Rio Sordo, in Barbaresco.


Soil: Hilly terrain, limy and clayey composition.

Exposition: South-West.

Altitude: between 230 and 260 mt over sea level.

Vinification: It takes place in stainless steel tanks. The fermentation with emerged cap is characterized by frequent pumpovers.
The maceration lasts 8 days at a controlled temperature of 25°C.

Maturation: It’s made in steel tanks. In spring, the second fermentation takes place in an autoclave with a light froth.

Bottling: To mid-spring of the year following the harvest of the grapes, properly prepared, Langhe Freisa is finally bottled. So, he spends in the cellar a minimum aging period of a couple of months before it starts to consume.

Tasting Notes: Deep ruby red color. The nose is very vinous and fruity, with hints of cherry,blackberry and raspberry. The serving temperature is 14-16 ° C.

Accompniment: Cold cuts, Meat appetizers, first courses, boiled snails and “bagna cauda”.

2016 Musso, Langhe Freisa, Piedmont