"Beatrice and Andrea are a couple of young entrepreneurs from Piedmont with a wealth of experience developed over many years working for other renowned wineries in Piedmont. They have decided to make their dream a reality by producing wine with their personal touch and philosophy. Their stated goal is to be recognized at the forefront of a new generation that can produce wine as it used to be—traditional and natural.


In 2010 they spent a year travelling and working for well-established vineyards in Australia and New Zealand. Their experience abroad, helped them realize how the wine made in Italy achieved its success on the quality of its wines and the character of the rural culture.


The red wines contain sulfites below 30 mg per liter. The fermentation is carried out in the most natural and traditional way with all natural, native yeasts. The doors of our winery are opened to help malolactic fermentation begin. Their “old style” wine making process is an example of today’s Piedmont—a nuanced take on “traditionalism” and “modernism.” The mixture of large casks and older French tonneaux combined with low-yield farming produced a wine that is broader and fleshier in character offering brambly, blueberry hints on the nose, while the palate is pure Treiso—high-altitude, coiled, red fruit and spice."

2016 Runchet, Nebbiolo, Piedmont