"The most famous 1er Cru of Chablis is Montée de Tonnerre. The thin Fyé Valley separates it from the Grand Cru slope, and if it weren’t for some weakness in the soil that led to the creation of this erosional valley, Montée de Tonnerre would likely have been included in the Grand Cru classification. It shares nearly the same southwest aspect as the Grand Crus, as well as the deep clay and marne soil that are mixed with Portlandian scree and Kimmeridgian stones that have been unearthed through time. The soil is not as deep as Les Clos, for instance, but is far deeper than the closest 1er Cru in Collet’s range, Mont de Milieu. It is unarguably the most well recognized premier cru for quality, sometimes on par with the Grand Crus, but often times just short. If a producer has one in their roster, it usually fetches the highest price in their 1er Cru range, but about half that of a Grand Cru. This is a blend of three different parcels with the majority of it from the lieu-dit, Chapelot, lower on the slope.


Hand harvested, pressed and spontaneously (naturally) fermentated in 2nd and 3rd year 228-liter French oak barrels (with a touch of new, at 5%). Malolactic is completed and the wine is lightly filtered and fined.


Aged in 2nd and 3rd year 228-liter French oak barrels (with a touch of new, at 5%) for eleven months, then racked into stainless steel vats and bottled after five more months." - Importer

2017 Collet, Premier Cru Montee de Tonnerre, Chablis