"In a wine landscape in which producers bottle increasingly wider ranges of cuvees, Domaine Diochon has become an outlier, producing one bottling year in and year out, which happens to be the same bottling we have imported for nearly forty years: the old-vine Moulin-a-Vent. In our November 1984 newsletter, Kermit wrote, 'There was only one cask of old vines and Diochon was going to blend it in to add substance and character to his other casks. I had to pay a premium to obtain that one cask pure and unblended.' Today, the wine is made from vines planted in 1920, 1950, and the 1960s. Not much else has changed with respect to this rouge that hails from Moulin-a-Vent, the Beaujolais cru known for producing arguably the region's most age-worthy wines.

Bernard Diochon, who succeeded his father in 1967, once said, 'I like tannic wines without heaviness; with fruit and floral aromas. I don't like weighty wines with hard tannins.' Although Bernard has been succeeded by Thomas Patenotre, the wine continues to remain true to that sentiment.

It contains some tannins it wouldn't be young Moulin-a-Vent if it didn't but it is beautifully integrated and the wine is ready to drink now if given a little time to breathe. Soulful and savory, with notes of cherries, iron, and smoke, this is cru Beaujolais built to last." - Kermit Lynch, Importer

2017 Diochon, Moulin-a-Vent