"The 2018 vintage marks the fortieth year we’ve imported this rosé, which makes it something of an O.G. in the vastly expanding world of rosé. While new, fresh, and funky rosés arrive on the scene annually, this classic remains one of our most popular. Not much has changed over time: not the old label (one of the greatest old-school labels still in circulation, in my opinion), nor the dark color, nor the resolutely retro dry strawberry and watermelon tang to the juice. I’ll let you in on a couple secrets: 1) given our history and track record with this wine, nearly all of the production comes to us; and 2) the little that remains at the domaine is often bottle-aged for one year and released late for local sales to allow all the complexities within to reveal themselves with time. Don’t be in a rush to drink this down." - Kermit Lynch, Importer

2018 Joguet, Chinon