"The D.O.C.G. Brut Franciacorta Blanc De Noir stems from clonal selections of Pinot Noir grapes. Harvested by hand in small boxes, very slow and soft pressing of whole bunches. Fermentation without contact with the skins with indigenous yeast in order to maintain the flavors and the aromas of Franciacorta. Maturation in stainless steel tanks. In the months of March and April we transfered to the bottle for fermentation. The bottles are stored for at least 36 months. After this period, the Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G. "Vintage" takes on its characteristic flavor and aroma, with fine perlage. We then move on to the final stage of riddling, disgorgement and labeling for shipment.

Perlage fine and persistent. bouquet of red fruit, raspberry and blackberry; mineral, with hints of chocolate. Alive in the mouth, structured, long and persistent. pale pink color with copper hues." - Winemaker

Le Marchesine, Blanc de Noirs, Franciacorta